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Our free character counter will automatically count how many words, characters, and paragraphs are in your text. Just type or paste your text below to get started!

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How to Use the Character Counter Tool

  1. Type or paste the text that you want to count in the textbox above.
  2. The character count, character count (with and without spaces), and paragraph count will be shown above and in the sidebar.
  3. It’s that easy!

Character Counter Tool Features

  1. Our character counter is fast, free, and can count tens of thousands of characters with ease.
  2. Unlimited character count, character count, and paragraph counts.
  3. No additional software installation required.
  4. Multiple browser and device support.

What is the definition of character count?

Before describing what character count is, we first have to define what a character is. A character is 8 bytes of data to a computer and usually represents letters to humans. At present, even emojis are considered characters that count as two characters since they take up 18 bytes of data.

Word counter tools should be used when a text is restricted to a maximum number of words or characters. Such may be the case in legal proceedings, academic texts, advertising, marketing, and journalism. In addition to this, character count could also be applied for gauging the level of readability.

For example, university professors and college admissions counselors require essays with a word limit. This is why you have to count the words in your piece so that you could reach the limit. In digital marketing and SEO, clients should need a minimum number of words to meet the needs for the search engine rankings. There are several real-life examples that require a character count.

Currently, there are already a lot of character count tools which could determine the number of words in your articles. Most word processors such MS Word also count words. However, different character counting programs give different results because of the differences in text segmentation rule. The Number of Words character counter counts characters and words with the same text segmentation rule as Microsoft products.

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